Thanks for being here! I hope you find it useful or just enjoyable! My name is Namrataa, and ‘Navigate with Nam’ is just my way of sharing my travel and life experiences.



I was born in Mumbai, India (to wonderful parents) and currently reside in Winnipeg, Canada. I have always loved exploring new places and being in a foreign country has given me lot of opportunities of doing so.

As a child I would always complain that all I did every vacation was visit my native place, Kudal, Sindhudurg. (Today I find myself yearning to do so!)

But looking back I realise I have visited a lot of places! School trips, College trips, even dance tours gave me the opportunity to visit Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nādu, Goa and many more states in India! To most of these places I carried my Cannon DSLR and documented every place in an attempt of holding on to those moments. I relive those mostly via FB and Instagram or when Google Photos decide to compile a memory collage for me. Through Navigate with Nam I wish to pen down the feelings and thoughts that these images evoke.



I didn’t know what it meant to be an Architect when I decided I wanted to be one. I was good at drawing and had zero family pressure in terms of what career to opt for, so I ended up pursuing Architecture studies. I started preparing for the entrance test even before junior college started and intend on sharing every part of that journey here but more on that in a later blog, so stay tuned!

Now I am a UX Designer. I transitioned to this field because of various reasons, but when I did, I made sure to give my teacher from Architecture Entrance exam classes a call, to inform her that she was right all along. She had advised me to choose Product Design and not Architecture Design a decade ago! But I might not have been writing this blog had I not taken the course (of life) that I did.

 About the Blog:

Oversharing much? Well, that’s the theme of this blog.

I find this need to share, always! I have many opinions about places I visit, food I eat, people I meet, life experiences in general.  NwN is where I share those with the world. Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to connect for conversations. I am most active on LinkedIn and Instagram.